Christopher Sell - Heaven on Earth Workshops, Guided Meditation, Channelling.

Your heart is the doorway to heaven. Sananda

Christopher Sell

Heaven on Earth Courses,
Guided Meditation,


Christopher Sell - Heaven on Earth Workshops, Guided Meditation, Channelling.


Private Practice:
Ely, Cambridgeshire

Violet Hill Studios and elsewhere
Please contact Christopher Sell directly for an appointment and also if you wish to know more about his work:
0845 458 9878
01353 661216

Short description of work:

I teach skills of spiritual growth which help you to use your inner light to create your own experience of Heaven on Earth. These skills are taught through guided meditations channelled from beautiful beings of light, who transmit many frequencies of love and light to you. They guide you to inner spaces of great beauty where you may gain insights and wisdom that continue to grow after your return to the outer world. These skills are taught both in live courses and on meditation CDs.

You may be interested in two groups that you can join: in the Many Hearts Make Light Work group we are learning to use the planetary gridwork of light to create healing spaces; in the Living the Light group we are learning to manifest the Christ Light in our lives.

I also offer a range of Starlight Essences to help you embody the spiritual gifts that the stars bring us, through the unique patterns of light and love they radiate out across the Universe.

For personal guidance on your life's journey you may be interested in an individual reading with Sananda. These readings can help you to understand your soul purpose, the challenges you meet and the choices you make.

My fees:

Typical fees are £75 for a one-day course, £135 for a two-day course and £55 for a soul guidance reading.


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